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This search system is provided free of charge by a group of voluntary members under the support of Information Networking Committee, Crop Science Society of Japan. Requests on databese correction, bug fix and enhancement of search functions are welcomed, but the members or Crop Science Society of Japan (CSSJ) provide this system without warranty and liablity of any kind.
Saving search results on any media and modifing them are permitted. Free distribution of search results is also permitted provided that they are accompanied by a documentation showing the URL where original data set is available. URL of this service (at present, may subject to change.
Copying a part of or all of this database and diverting it to commercial use without permittion are prohibited.


This database is copyright 1996, 1997, voluntary members of JJCS Database Project and CSSJ.
This database search program is copyright 1996, 1997, Taro Kadowaki.



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